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Trading of stock lots

Trading of stock lots

We offer an exclusive range of Yarn and Textile Waste, which is in great demand due to its high quality and reasonable pricing. We are stock garments traders and are known to satisfy our buyers in terms of price, quality and delivery. For perfect shipping of goods, we inspect each and every piece according to the buyer’s instructions. Our entire range is appreciated for its quality and reasonable pricing. Some of the features of this range are as follows:

Different kinds of Used Clothing that We offer are as follows:

  • Skin friendly
  • Easily washable
  • Tear resistant

Different kind of yarn that we offer are discussed below in detail:
Fringing Yarns – It is 80/20% wool/nylon and is used in fringing/whipping rugs and mats.

Bcf yarns – Polypropylene yarns for carpet binding and pattern book manufacture. Nylon yarns for tufting.

Axminster yarns – 80/20% wool/nylon and 100% wool carpet yarns. Yarns can be dyed to customer requirements if shade not available.

Tufting yarns – 80/20%, 50/50% and synthetic yarns for broadloom and pass machine tufting.

Weaving/knitting yarns – Wool/mohair/synthetic blends in various counts for the knitting and weaving trade – plains, brushed, loops, tweeds all available.

Thread-wastes – Carpet thread waste available in wool/nylons, wool/synthetic, polypropylene BCF/spun synthetics and un-dyed BCF nylon. Mixed colours and shades.

Fibres – Garnetted fibres (nylons), Condenser wastes (wool/synthetic), Card/Shoddy wastes (wool/nylon), Staple fibres (polyprop. /Nylon).

High tenacity yarns – High tenacity and BCF yarns for braiding/twisting/rope and cord usage.

Cotton yarns – Cotton and cotton/polyester/acrylic yarns available – un-dyed and shade.