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We offer A-grade quality Used Clothing. Before selling it, we process our entire range using sophisticated machinery. Thus, we are able to provide high quality items to our clients, which in turn helped us to create a strong client base cross the globe.

Different kinds of Used Clothing that We offer are as follows

Mixed Rags & Credential Clothing – We offer Mixed Rags procured from second hand/ thrift stores. It consists of two main categories – those items that are found in thrift stores with tags intact and the items which are not displayed for sale in stores due to some minor flaws in them such as missing button, stains etc. We offer this range packed in large bales, typically 800 – 1200 lbs. Our range is in huge demand due to high quality and reasonable pricing.

We also offer Credential Clothing which is also known as original clothing. It is the untouched and unsorted donations in the original bags that donators give to charity or any other commercial recycling company. We acquire all the collection in this range by placing the drop box outside the community centers and stores of wealthy neighborhoods. Our collectors are well experienced and are capable of packing around 40ft high cube and standard ocean containers, 53 ft. dry vans and 48ft trucks. This range is also quite popular amongst our client due to its flawless quality.

Shop Quality – Shop Quality are our highest quality sorted used clothes for children. It is top-grade, premium quality items of the collected goods, which vary from 5 – 12% of the original clothing collected. We have carefully collected each item in this range and thoroughly checked them for mistakes. Thus, every item is very good in condition in terms of shape and color. Some of the features of this range are as follows:

  • High quality and fashion
  • Skin friendly
  • Easy to wash
  • Tear resistant

Shoes – We also offer original shoes directly from donations. These are offered in either shoe bags or cap sacks. This range is quite in demand due to its flexibility, comfort level, good grip and reasonable rates.

Recycling Material– This range comprises cut and uncut wiping rags, mixed sweaters and wool-bodies etc. Before delivery, all these items are recycled with the help of sophisticated machinery. We have regular buyers for these products in various Asian markets.

Item That we sell in India are as follows :-

  • Mix Sweaters
  • Wool Sweaters
  • Wool Body
  • Cotton Sweaters
  • Uni Acrylic Sweaters
  • Baby Sweat
  • Color Bed Sheet
  • Boy’s Jeans Pants
  • Boy’s T- shirts
  • Boy’s Shirts
  • Children Fleece
  • Children Nylon Jogging Suit
  • Children Sweater
  • Boys suit jacket

  • Children Jacket
  • Cotton Nightwear
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Knit Shorts
  • Knit Pants
  • Ladies Cotton Pants Elastic
  • Ladies Cotton Pants Zipper
  • Ladies Cotton Shirts
  • Ladies White Shirts
  • White shirts
  • Men’s shirts # 2
  • Men’s white shirts
  • Nylon jogging suit
  • Original shorts
  • Plastic rain coats
  • Rayon printed pants
  • Ski jacket
  • Sports shorts
  • Sports T-shirts
  • Turtleneck T-shirts
  • White bed sheets
  • White lad cotton elastic pants
  • White button polo s/s
  • White pr T-shirts
  • Denim elastic pants
  • Ladies cord pants
  • Ladies poly pants elastic

Item That we sell in Pakistan are as follows :-

  • Single Shoes
  • Blankets
  • Comforters
  • Hard Toys
  • Luggage
  • 2nd Shoes Mostly Men
  • Baby Carriage
  • Suit Coat and Pants
  • Suit Coat
  • Ski jacket (children only)
  • Children fleece
  • Children nylon jogging suit
  • Children sweater
  • Children jackets
  • Cotton nightwear
  • Mixed Fur
  • Bric Brac
  • Socks
  • HHR 2/3
  • Long coats